Marco Aurélio da Silva Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil – +5521990569382 – contact@marcoonroad.dev

BigDataCorp, December 2020 – nowadays, Barra da Tijuca district, Rio de Janeiro;

Experience with development of datasets and enrichment of bases, scalable APIs maintenance, AWS services and non-relational databases such as MongoDB. I have worked on the query optimization of large data by using powerful tools such as C# Parallel LINQ and asynchronous code blocks. I have too tweaked lower memory consumption on such big input base files to optimize the GC interruption and context switches of threads, mostly by leveraging on demand disk writes with IEnumerable iterator interface & file append calls

Fulllab Retail Solutions, December 2019 – March 2020, Barra da Tijuca district, Rio de Janeiro;

Experience with UI/UX, mobile development on Android & iOS platforms and image processing. I have worked on a full-cycle of development, upgrades and releases of a mobile app and also on Facebook, Instagram and Google API integrations. I have worked too on Firebase integration of Analytics & Crashlytics to provide insights of app usage and, therefore, intelligence for the business

Spot Metrics, July 2018 – December 2019, Botafogo district, Rio de Janeiro;

Experience with Loyalty & Rewards, Gamification, CRM Systems, Data Science and the JavaScript language. We developed a smart CRM platform for brazillian’s shopping centers that delivers campaigns over an algorithm that “cuts” our customer base and selects the proper channel (e-mail, SMS, push notifications, in-app banners) to send the marketing campaign, everything based on a real-time adherence index. We also developed a mobile application for our club customers to register their credit cards (for real-time transaction tracking) on an acquirer partnership integration (notifying us by the Point-of-Sales service) and for our customers to see the latest mall offers on their own mobile phones

Stone Payments, October 2017 – March 2018, Cinelândia district, Rio de Janeiro;

Experience with Banking Systems, Blockchain & Smart Contracts, Domain-Driven Design and the Elixir programming language. I initially worked on an official partnership blockchain project to develop tools for formal verification of Smart Contracts using Dependent Types. Later, at January 2018, I worked on a Core Banking System API to be plugged on merchants’ ERPs and to be later integrated by third-parties following the European Open Banking PSD2 regulation
  • Networks, Linux sysadmin, Git, message queues (RabbitMQ and SQS), databases such as Redis, Mongo and Postgres
  • General Languages such as C#, Java, JavaScript/TypeScript, Elixir, Perl, Lua, OCaml and DSLs such as GraphQL/Relay
  • Test-Driven Development, Behavior-Driven Development, Integration Tests and End-to-End Testing
  • Fullstack developer (back-end + front-end), UI/UX and hybrid mobile (Ionic/Angular & React Native)
  • Cryptography, Security and Distributed Systems